Thursday, November 6, 2014

How To Remove A Dragstar Rear Tyre

One would think that removing a tyre is an easy thing. However, when the tyre you are trying to remove has a drive on it, it gets a little bit more daunting. The worst is when there is a shaft instead of a chain.

On several occasions, I have seen people do it the right way which leaves my wheel scratchless and there is the wrong way that looks like the wheel was being removed by a grizzly bear using just its teeth.

Recently I wanted to try a DIY project with minimal help to see if I could do it. and this involves the rear wheel. Before we proceed, please do know for a FACT that removing stuff is easy. Putting it back is gonna be a bitch. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Tools Needed
Jack/Bike Lift
Box and Open Ended Wrench sizes 8, 10, 12, 14
Adjustable Wrench (preferably 2)

Step 1:
Jack the bike and stand it up with jackstands or something stable so that the rear of the bike is lifted up but straight.

Step 2:
Drench all the bolts connecting the wheel to the frame in WD40
The bolts in question are:
1.       4x final drive bolts
2.       Brake cover holder
3.       Brake adjuster
4.       Main shaft

Step 3:
Disconnect the rear light and remove the rear fender cover (this may be allen key screws or bolts depending)

Step 4:
Loosen the main wheel connecting shaft bolt. Do not remove the  nut or the shaft. Just loosen it so there is freeplay.

Step 5:
Remove the final drive bolts and mark them (they are usually of different lengths)
Then remove the brake adjustment nut and the brake cover holder.

Step 6:
If you look closely at your swingarm, you will notice the bottom of the gap where the wheel shaft sits is longer than the front.

Step 7:
You can now remove your rear tyre from the bike by just lifting it off the bike.

Step 8
Turn the tyre assembly with the brake side facing down, move the nut for the main tyre connecting shaft.
Remove the final drive by lifting upwards while jiggling it and I will come apart. Remember to keep the 2 inch spacer that will fall off together with the final drive.

Step 9:
Proceed to pull the wheel connecting shaft and the brake assembly out together.

Reassembling your wheel:

When you have done what you need to do with your wheel, you will need to reassemble it.

Step 1:
Prepare your final drive and insert the 2 inch spacer into the centre of the final drive assembly

Step 2:
With the wheel standing up, align the final drive with the wheel (try to get someone to help you).
It will usually NOT slide in and fit. But get it to fit as well as you can.

Step 3:
With the final drive more or less together, lie the wheel assembly down with the final drive facing up.

Tap the final drive while moving the shaft a little until it slides in.

Step 4:
Test the wheel. If you move the wheel, the shaft should move.

Step 5:
With the wheel standing up again, slide the main wheel shaft and brake assembly into the wheel.

Step 6:
(if you have a friend, now would be a good time to get help)
Lift the wheel onto the swingarm.
In between the back of the swingarm to where the drive shaft connects, there is a metal bracket. Make sure the drive shaft rests on that bracket when the wheel is on the swingarm

Step 7:
(Yes it gets harder I bet you wished you never tried removing the wheel now….)
Using a jack (hopefully its not under your bike),jack the wheel up until the wheel connecting shaft is sort of floating between the gap on the swingarm.

Step 8:
(read and understand this part properly before proceeding as you have to do it together)
Using one hand, lift the drive shaft and aim it at the boot (aka hole) that connects the drive shaft to the gearbox.

While doing this, shove the wheel all the way in.

If it goes in, good! If not (which is usually the case), WD40 the area that is rubbing.
If it moves in but the drive shaft is sorta not going in, rotate the wheel by a bit.
If everything seems to look right but still doesn’t wanna go in (seriously. This was me) give the tyre a good hard kicking from the back.. it will go in.

Step 9:

Step 10:
Tighten all the bolts by hand. DO NOT use pneumatic tools as the final drive will get screwed.

Note: If by the time you do this and you are exhausted, PLEASE go to sleep and do it the next day. Failure to fasten ANY bolt may result in damage of your bike or cause an accident.

Step 11:
Pat yourself in the back or shake your friends hand for a job well done.

Drive Shaft And Brake Assembly

Your Wheel

Remove Your Brake Adjuster and Brake Cover Holder 

Slide The Wheel Back, It Will Rest Nicely At The End

Note How The Drive Shaft Rests At The Tab

Before The Driveshaft Is Inserted

Jacking The Tyre Up For Insertion

Make Sure All The Holes Are Aligned

Drive Shaft Inserted


Tighten Everything Up

Ride around and re tighten everything after a couple of days.

By Vy

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