Monday, November 3, 2014

DIY Throttle Freeplay Adjustment

Does your bike throttle have too much freeplay for your liking? Have you adjusted the throttle cable freeplay adjustment AND your carb and yet still have too much freeplay?

This could be due to 2 things. Either your throttle cable has stretched so much its gonna snap or your throttle cable is just stupidly long (that and its stretched).

I had that problem. My mechanics verified that although it was super long (don’t ask me why), the cable was slightly stretched but was still working fine. But it could not be further adjusted. So I had no choice but to live with it. Not gonna happen…. So here, I’m gonna teach you all how to make this simple mod.

The theory is: the cable is a little stretched out, so you need some spacers near the throttle to pull at it just a little. There are 2 ways to do this with similar results. 1 is to slide in lock washers near the throttle. Another would be to properly remove the throttle and slide in proper washers. However, it was a work day, I came home late from work and I wasn’t in the best of moods when I was doing this. So, sorry for the lack of pictures.. I only decided to make it a guide AFTER I completed the project.

things you need:
1. lock washers
2. 2x pliers
3. screw drivers

step 1: use 2 pliers to open up the gap of the lock washers.

step 2: loosen all the adjustments to your cable (at the carb and at the throttle)

step 3: undo the holder at the bottom of your throttle to allow you to pull at the cable to reveal the bare cable. (with a screw driver)

step 4: pull at the cable to reveal the inner cable and slide as many washers as you need (this is relative to how much slack you have) put back the holder/retainer of your throttle. 

step 5: adjust the tightness of the throttle for as little free play as possible. make sure you test your throttle by turning the handles all the way left and right to see if it revs on its own.

 Lock washer we will be using

 Use 2 pliers to widen the gaps

 Here is what they look like (left semi closed, right opened up)

 This is what it looks like when completed

By Vy

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