Thursday, November 6, 2014

DIY Removable Visor Tinting

I was recently inspired by this guy online selling so called “removable” tinting for cars whereby if you get stopped for your ridiculously dark tint, you can just remove it, go home and reapply it. This reminded me of F1 races and (I think) MotoGP races as well where they have a protective film they can remove when it gets blur.

My helmet used to have an internal visor that was dark to shade my eyes but after my accident, it no longer worked.
After watching the video and speaking to the guy who was selling this, I then realized it is actually one of those “sticky” sunshade materials that are being sold out there. Visiting DIY shops, I found that they sell these at quite a cheap price so I decided to test it out by tinting my visor.

Here is what you need:
Water in a spray bottle
A plastic scraper
Cheap sticky sunshades

Step 1
Cut the sunshade out of the flexible frame

Step 2
Drape the tint over the visor

Step 3
Using your knife, cut out a rough shape of the area you want to cover.

Step 4
Stick the tint as well as you can without any water and fine tune the cutting.

Step 5
Remove the tint

Step 6
Clean the visor

Step 7
Apply water on the visor and the tint then again, drape on the tint on the visor

Step 8
Using the scraper, align the tint properly and push out as much air bubbles as possible.

Step 9
Using the cloth with the scraper, try to remove as much bubbles and water as possible.

Step 10

Go riding!

The tint is VERY dark. And because of its rubbery texture, the view is just very slightly blurred but not a cause for alarm. Riding in the dark is not a great idea but that’s the reason I chose this… if needed, just peel off the tint and keep it until you get home. So far, it is a very good idea for ppl who don’t like the burning sun on your face. And the temp in my helmet has for sure dropped a notch.

The Sunshade I Used

Back View

My Helmet
Cut The Tint From The Frame

Drape Over The Visor

Trim The Tint

Add Water

Remove Bubbles And Water

Completed Tint

Fullface Mode With Tint

By Vy


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