Thursday, November 27, 2014

Differences between the dragstar 650 and virago 535

1.       Carb
a.       Dragstar 28mm
b.      Virago 32mm
2.       Front wheel
a.       Virago Max wheel size 90 to 100
b.      Dragstar max wheel size 110 to 120
3.       Front spoke
a.       Virago 4mm thickness
b.      Dragstar 5mm thickness
4.       Rear final drive
a.       Virago no extra mounts on rear swingarm
b.      Dragstar has extra mounts on the rear swingarm
5.       Ignition system
a.       Dragstar has a tps enabled cdi that adjusts timing of the ignition
b.      Virago doesn’t

 Hi all, just ignore this, im just making a list of differences the Virago 535 has from a Dragstar
feel free to comment with things you may know that i haven't listed and i will add it in...
Just dont put things like "it looks better" and such... coz we already know that.... hehehe

By Vy

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