Friday, September 23, 2011

Throttle Control

DIY Throttle:

Back in the day I had many falls, like what ppl usually say, if you don't fall, you don't know how to ride… and because of the falls, I had screwed up my hands pretty badly with quite a lot of muscular and nerve damage. Thus causing my wrists to be stiffer then the average joe. Unfortunately (like the rest of my lifes story) the most damage was done to my right hand.

As many bike riders can relate, the right hand is usually the one that gets numb a lot due to the strain from twisting the throttle too much and having a death grip on it.

Here are some tips on how to ease up on the numb hand issues:

- do some stretching before you ride (i.e. straighten your arm and pull your fingers back, (10 seconds for about 10-15 times)

- ease up on the grip you have on the bike (it's a throttle, you don't have to strangle it)

- try not to rest your body on the handlebars (easier said then done but the fact is if you do that, all the pressure goes to your wrist.

- buy/make some doodads that help with turning the throttle

Here are some vids and pictures of these things:

Cruise controllers:

The cruise controllers are used so you don't even need to have your hands on the throttle (never a good idea but we all do it). I chose these 2 DIYs because to me, they are the safest and they are cheap to make.

cheap way:

This method uses a hi durability cable tie that is not too tightly tied to the throttle, the pressure from the throttle trying to twist back will hold the throttle in place (unless you have one of those nice throttles made from alu or some chromed plastic.)

nicer way:

This is much nicer, it uses an old racing bicycle gear lever to hold the throttle in place.

Throttle Assist:
The throttle assist (aka Throttle Rocker) is a little plastic thing that is clipped somehow onto your throttle and rests on your palm. this is so instead of having to grip slippery grips, you can just push down without having to clamp on to the throttle like vice grips

In my free time, I shall try to DIY these things and will post up pics on how to do it as well.

By Vy

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