Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess What??

Well, the bike is rolling, though I have a few things that I would like done to it more, so far, it rides, throttle response so far is good though I haven’t tried it all the way yet. And we have just built a strange pipe for it.

I would say it's a pretty good ride. It handles quite well too with no issues on steering because there is no extension on the rake. I would like it to be higher, but well, lets wait and see.

As of now, I don't have a seat yet, so I "custom" made one for my ass just temp. hopefully by this week I can get a nice comfy seat to put my ass on. I had made the "custom" seat by putting an airline pillow into a plastic bag and taping it onto the frame with duct tape. Don't really care abt how it looks, but its as comfy as one can get I guess..

I had taken a ride that was approximately 18km to get my exhaust made, I would say that the ride was quite ok seeing how the absorbers were too soft and the "seat" was working. The rear footpegs really helped as the dragbars were abit of a stretch for me and the forward controls were in the front. So putting the legs behind like a drag bike made it so much more comfortable.. well, I can either figure out how to make extra resting pegs for myself or I will have to bear with the pain of stretching out like that.

After some hours at the shop making my pipes (due to unforeseen circumstances, my pipes have been cut down to PIPE) I had to ride after the rain on hard front tyres with only front brakes another 28km back home and park it there for the night. It was interesting as the modification had rendered the need for 2 exhaust gaskets to be installed instead of 1 (where in this case there were NO bike shops nearby plus it was 10 at night), I had ridden past several cops on a highway (instead of using the bike lane) praying I would get home without falling or getting arrested. The leaky pipe due to the lack of an exhaust gasket had attracted so much attention it was crazy. The HIDs installed really helped with the dark wet road and having a support vehicle behind me (my wife!!) while riding wasn't too bad as well.

Well, riding so much I had realized my wrist injury had not gone. Some time back something had caused my wrist to hurt when my palm is bent back too far. It gives one the sensation that a bone is trying to come out of the bottom of the palm. And it hurts. Tried everything to get it fixed but I can't, now all I can do is hope over time it will go away.

Anyway, here is the pics of my bike!!

PS: anyone say CAFE RACER imma slap you!!

By Vy

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