Thursday, November 10, 2011

Carb Tuning:

Was packing up my stuff to prepare to move and I found my little book of notes for plans when we were building the Bad Wolf. I hope this helps you guys out if you want to tune

  1. Find the air jet
  2. Tighten it all the way in
  3. Turn air jet 1.5 turns out (usually default settings)
  4. Warm Up Engine
  5. Tighten idle control screw slightly (maybe 1-2 turns)
  6. Turn the air jet out ¼ of a turn.
  7. Wait to see if idle increases (give the throttle a slight blip to help)
  8. Repeat until idle cant go any higher (if you have to turn over 3 turns for it to max out, change to a smaller air jet.)
  9. Loosen the idle control screw till its all the way down. If idle is too low, perform step 6-7 until idle is low enough but does not die off.
  10. Blip throttle to see if there is a lag when it revs, if yes, perform steps 6-9 until you get it right.

Note: if you can't get it right (i.e. lags when blip, revs not low enough), you may need a smaller main jet.

By Vy

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