Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Step Closer

The last week was quite rough. I was rushing so badly to get work done on my bike I had to take the Friday off. However, as the week built up to the Friday, something pretty bad had happened to me. On Wednesday, my wife was driving my car to work and some moron had reversed into my car while trying to make an illegal U-turn.

I had to rush from work to asses the damage and found that it was quite bad. However, on a plus side, I had no other mode of transport so I was forced to take Thursday off as well. As such, I had one extra day to work on my bike after sending my wife to work.

That was a good thing as that night, there was so much work to be done I had to work till quite late at night. Then the next day on a Friday I continued working to the night as well exhausted and back hurting (I have a bad back).

On Friday, I had practically buttoned up almost everything, had the wires all done up, the lightings all done too. I had tuned the carb as much as I could (looks like I will need more tuning) and I had installed the tank and things. Unfortunately, at the very last minute, the fuel lines were giving me some issues that I couldn't resolve, thus I had to resort to disabling one of the lines and running just one side. The headlamps too had decided to die on me.

Saturday was busy so I couldn't do anything on that day.

On Sunday, I had rushed to the house to get the exhaust fitted on and the bike running so that I could bring it to the bike shop nearby (approx 20 mins from my house). I had then realized that the bike had needed more tuning and that fuel was not flowing correctly. Also, on my first test run, I had found that the rear brakes we not working at all and that the brake fluid was contaminated.

Riding that 20 minutes to the bike shop, was hell. As I didn't have a seat, I had (as usually) overestimated the comfort of my bike. Thus sitting on raw iron round bars is really ass breaking. This "short" test ride had also shown me that there may be some changes that are needed later on. For example, drag style forward controls might be a better solution then stretched forward controls, although my rear absorbers are the hardest I could find, they aren’t hard enough (thus I am in the works on customizing car absorbers for it).

Earlier today I had receive a phone call from the bike shop about it. He said he had fixed the lights but the rear disk brakes remain a mystery. It would seem that they do not hold pressure when applied and the fluid had become very murky. He had mentioned that he had inserted new fluids when he had customized it earlier on. I shall be looking into that much later on. Anyway, enough talk, here is the sneak preview of the bike:

By Vy

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