Monday, September 19, 2011

The Chop Shop announcement:

Before I finished this bike the original name of the bike was designated No+MAD. I wanted to include the name I gave it when I first got the bike which was Grim, so it would have been called The Grim No+MAD.

Through the building process, a lot had gone through my mind, things like where to put the bike while I'm building it, how do I get this and that done, should I finish it or set the bike on fire. Not till it was almost complete did I bring out my trusty notebook where I jot things down that I saw the name I had thought off. I didn't want that name since it was a collaboration of trash talkers who inspired it. While working and doing research I came upon a fitting name for the Chop Shop, I liked the word Blaidd Drwg. Thus, from that day onwards, the official name for the Chop Shop will be Blaidd Drwg Customs should I build anymore bikes.

Before I continue, let me explain about how we do things here. I have NO training in bike engines nor rewiring, I have no engineering training, I have no professional training in tuning, chassis building, welding and allot of things. My core education is in IT and has nothing to do with engineering. I have 0 big bike savvy friends who know anything about extreme modifications of these sorts BUT have loads of friends who are mechanics in cars. Everything on my bike was dreamed up by me and any fabrication work was done by machine shops who in general do not do small time businesses. Integrity of all metal work is most important and any modification to any part is always carefully though through and discussed. I may not know much but here in BDC, we measure EVERYTHING and on a flat surface (laugh at this statement if you wish, but I know of a bike; if not scrapped yet; that was tacked and measured on a rocky surface and when welded was very crooked). There is no such thing as "winging it" in BDC and I am willing to try any idea no matter how crazy it may sound but only if YOU the dreamer have thought about it. We don't do hanky panky, "oh I'll try tacking this and see", hope and pray it holds jobs here. Whatever we do, is to ensure quality is there regardless the price.

When things went south, a lot of bad blood happened between me and some people I thought were friends. Nevertheless, the bad experiences I had had shown me that you never know where you will get real friends.

On that note, I want to start by thanking the following people:

Wifey (hate the term old lady.. my wife aint old) aka Adeline:
Thank you for being there while I was down, offering to get me another bike (damn should have taken that offer) and finally letting me use the new house as a garage for almost a year.
Thank you for sitting there in the heat reading a book while I do my best to do up the bike, for being there when I'm hurt and feel so down about all the trouble I had faced.

Belut DurjaSeri aka EelMan:
Without you, I wouldn't have even considered doing up my bike. You showed me a crew of friends who didn't care if you rode a bike or a car or walked. You guys rode monsters yet you and GJ took me in like a brother.
As I was down, you were there to advise me to ignore the small fries who swam about like they were big fish and showed me what big fish really were like. Your advice, your tips and you just showing up at the time I was so depressed really helped me so much.
I can't thank you enough.

Ciprian Varvaroi:
Dude, you are all the way on the other side of the world. Yet you inspired me. You, like Belut, was there to talk to me and keep me going.
And when you completed your bike, that excitement gave me a kick in the ass to want to move even more. I have never even seen you, but to me, I will forever be greatful.

Unknown_Artist aka M_______r:
You know my ideas were crazy, you still do, yet you were there to help me out all those times, the weldings, the paintings, the machine work. If I didn't have to keep your identity a secret, I'd be happy to tell the world what a good friend you are. I'd kiss your bald head (you "chicken fucker", come sit with me)…. But I'd prolly get my ass beaten… hahah

Shinjite aka Shin aka Mike aka Choy Sun Speed Demon:
I swear, I don't know why every day you sit there and listen to me whine and whine about my bike. Maybe you have nothing better to do (I hope that's not why), but you are always here man.. regardless if it's a car, bike or house…

Mc Bone aka Chooi Leang aka Godbro inlaw:
The last time I had wanted to sell my bike, you said I shouldn't. You told me: "This Bike is you. It is your lifetime project, sell it to get a phone or a camera? Not worth it"
Thank you for telling me that.

Wak Jep:
You had shown me that it doesn't matter where you do your work, the dedication makes the difference for great work and mediocre work. You don't need a huge banner hanging on your wall with a name to be good. You need good work. And that's what you do… GREAT work!

Shane aka Preacher Da Paintball Rambo:
Thanks for lending me most of the tools I needed and even letting me paint my stuff at your house. You're really a great friend… I'm honored to be able to call you my best friend.

Hantukacak aka Handsome Ghost:
Haha I really don't know what to say… I don't even know why you have always been around liking and commenting all the stuff I post about my bike in FB. But you know what, all the likes and great comments really helped me man!

Ron aka Ronzai aka Ron Rckn Ch
You also, have always been supporting me, regardless if it was about cars, racing, bikes, life, you always supported me. Thank you.

Brian aka Beeman aka Spongy aka El Luchador
Brian was the dude that pushed me over to start chopping. I had been planning a chopper for some time but never had the time nor contacts to do it. Brian is a guy who lives his dream. It was a great idea and I still don't regret it.

You fixed my swingarm! Its funny how you looked at it and instantly knew what was wrong with it. And this is why you are a pro man. I really look up to you, not just because you are good at chopping, but if someone sticks around, you really give good advice on how to build and things. Not to mention your welding work. Welds so fine almost no grinding required. Now that is an artform!

Joe, even though we didn't work together, you always gave me advice on how to do things, you sent me messages on how feasible it was and you even lent me a spare exhaust pipe! I am always grateful to people who share knowledge.. and to loan me a pipe when I was in need, tells me so much more man.

Now that the nice part is done, lets go to the NO THANKS part. No names shall be named here, but if you contact me privately, I'd be sure to tell you where NOT to go. You all know who you are. Bliadd Drwg Customs, my bike and me were evolved because you acted like you knew everything there is to know about building. When ideas were thrown at you, you nodded and said it can be done, then when questions were asked like why haven’t you done it, you tell me that "its impossible", "your requests can't be met", "you keep adding more things to your list", "you don't give me enough time"…

Let me elaborate:
"its impossible":
You said the rear disk brakes wont fit because of the gap between the arm and the rim. Guess what, its done. 2 words: boost kits aka bushes.

"your requests can't be met":
My idea was: empty the air box, put the wiring in there. You said ok. Then you wanted to MAKE a box to replace the airbox, then you say it cant be done coz its too taxing on time.
Another example was that the carb wont fit and I'm screwed, there is NO way to turn the carb to the side.
Well, the CDI is in the air box and sealed, later on I will try to put more of the wiring in there too. And the carb was turned 90 degrees, how? I looked around and used my head.

"you keep adding more things to your list"
I didn't add anything. Everything that was requested by me was all stored in my head coz I have been planning this for a long time. If you had bothered to write it down when I told u the first time, I wouldn't have to keep reminding you of what you forgot.

"you don't give me enough time"
I wasn't the one not giving you time. You took the time and squandered it. I don't know if you were busy chasing skirts, but time limit was never set by me. It was you. First before Christmas, then it was on Feb, it was all you. Every time I asked you to give me a deadline, you gave it to me. I gave the bike to you in October and you claimed you had to work on it but not everyday as you had a day job. It was 4-6 months when I took the bike back, I left it there while I decided what to do, I took time off to complete my tattoo and heal AND I worked on and off on it only on weekends and usually under 8 hours a day. Guess what, its done.

I haven’t mention the fact that my things were stolen by you. Yes, I said stolen ( Definition: to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force. SOURCE). I had sent several things to you to ensure my bike gets running and leaves your garage rolling. Key things that were stolen by this garage and handed over to others without permission of the owner (i.e. me)
- Custom one off exhaust pipe - 400 bucks + chrome 120 bucks = 520
- Fork extensions - 50 bucks
- Headlamp original from the bike in mint condition - don't know how much but got a second hand one from joe at 120 bucks
-Brand new battery - 180 bucks
- Sprockets - 50 bucks

And these are just the things I remember.

The thing is, I was so driven by the fact that you said the following when I asked:
"I meant to ask you, but didn't. I told him to ask you first"
Then when I said that the bike was under his care and he was responsible for my parts so if he knew it was wrong, why did he give it to someone else? He couldn't answer.

BDC was built because of this. It was conceived because you said to me even though you were in the wrong:

You will never be able to make your bike. All you know is how to type on the blog and dream big dreams. You are just like ***** (name withheld).

All I can say is, he was wrong on both accounts. I built it. All on my own. And the other guy he mentioned, he is more capable then one thinks. It is big dreams that make big things happen. That's why I don't live in a squatter house. Because I have big dreams. Dreams of making it big.

By Vy

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