Tuesday, February 5, 2013


From my previous post, I had mentioned on how to change the bulb from normal halogen bulbs to HIDs.

However, in order to have these bulbs, you will most probably have to remove the waterproofing or the back of the spotlight totally. Thus a DIY waterproofing is needed.

Me having OCD when it comes to things like these found that my waterproofing actually kept out all the water from the spotlight compared to the normal standard one.

What you need:
  • Good thick plastic bag (the type used for keeping goldfish or drinks.. not d very easily biodegradable ones)
  • A plastic pipe of any round plastic cover
  • Lots and lots of wire tape.

What to do:
  • Shape the HID bulb to the correct shape if you don't already have one that fits (note the one on the left is shaped to fit) be careful with the length of the bulb, it may cause issues like arching when you install it)

  • Grab a rubber hose or plastic cover (in this case I used the bottom part of the container of the HID bulb) and make sure it has a snug fit to the back of the spotlight.

  • Cut the bottom of a plastic bag out so it makes an unbroken circle.

  • Wrap the plastic around the butt of the light

  • Pulling the plastic bag backwards slightly, slide on the hose/cover you made. The plastic bag will slide to the front a little when you have fit the cover on properly.

  • If the plastic is protruding out the front of the cover you made a little, fold it back. Then wrap the entire butt of the headlamp starting from the cover you made. Make sure when you circle with the tape you expose only ¼ of the tape you are taping over. This will ensure that more area is covered and waterproof. Twist the plastic bag up tight against the wire then continue wrapping. This will help as it will be a snug fit.

  • Done

By Vy

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