Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Headlamp Install

The Cyclops headlamp that came with the bike didn't light up much of squat when I was riding at night. So I set out on getting a pair of projector headlamps from a car accessories shop. So here is the guide on how to hook these up.

Things needed:
Thick wires (don't be cheap and buy those thin sorry excuses for wires) in whatever colors you want.
A relay or two (2 if you are using dual HIDs) if you are unsure if which rating to get, tell them it's the one for installing the air horns for cars.
Basic tools i.e. screw drivers, allen keys, socket wrenches
Fuse (optional)
Wire Tape/ Shrink Wrap

Step 1: Make sure the bulbs work, if not, get bulbs that work. Also, waterproof the sombitch by wrapping a small plastic bag around the area where the leads will come out. Using some good (not the cheap) wire tape, wrap up the whole thing well and good. (fig1)

Step 2: If you are using HIDs like me, you will need to run a relay through as motorcycle wires are not good enough to channel enough power to the ballast. The setup is simple, run a thick wire from the battery to the relay (you may install a fuse just in case 35a should cut it), connect it to connection 30 (power source), connect the lead from the stock headlight to 85 and connect 86 and the ground cable of the ballast to any grounding point of your choosing on the bike. Then, connect the positive terminal to connection 87 (normally off). Test your headlamp. (fig 2)

Step 3: Wrap all spliced wires with wire tape or shrink wrap and make sure all your wires are tucked nicely. Clipping of your cables on anywhere can cause a lot of issues. Once all that is done, tighten all your bolts and bring a wrench along with you when riding at night. It will take a few tries before you get the position of the light right.

 Fig 1

Fig 2

 where i put the relay

me working on the bike

Before.. with the Cyclops headlamp

End Product

By Vy

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