Monday, February 18, 2013

Vest review:

I have recently helped a good friend of mine purchase a leather vest from a supplier. It just so happens I was looking for steel lined gloves. I was very very inspired when I first saw them being worn by Matt Hotch in one of the biker buildoffs. And found a company making some that were similar. But that's another story.

The thing is, here in Malaysia, the choices of design for vests are very limited and can range from 150 to 200 bucks for even a smelly used one that looks like it was worn by a girl in a mud wrestling match. Thus, since I had some contact with a supplier of leather products, we both decided to try buying a part each. Me with my gloves, and my friend (Eelman) with his vest.

The night I received the parcel, I quickly rushed over there to give it to him. This is what I have found so far:

The vest comes with a button up style fastener instead of a zip up. In my opinion, though it is slightly slower than having a zipper, it definitely is something very different. The buttons are very sturdy and hold on tight.

It comes with 3 pockets: 2 up top and 1 inside like a gun pocket but not really. The front 2 pockets are on the chest area with buttons for sealing as well. The inner pocket is an open type pocket something like those of a normal textile jacket.

This vest although slightly thicker than general vests is very soft and seems to have been pre-conditioned. However, it is a good idea to maintain it by applying mink oil to it.

The build of the vest resembles a T-shirt that has had its sleeves cut off. Thus just a little different. People here seem to be calling it the “sons of anarchy” look. I wouldn't know.

By Vy

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