Monday, February 18, 2013

Visor Water Resistance

For most people with open face helmets, you will sometimes notice that riding in heavy rain, there will be some rain water that will drip into the inside of the visor... thus blurring vission.... this isnt to stop the rain water from fully entering, but hindering it slightly.

Things needed:
  1. Rubber strips
  2. Silicone double sided tape
  3. Shears
  4. Helmet (duh)

  • Cut the length of the rubber strip that you need
  • Cut the thickness of the rubber strip to what you need
  • Line the strip with double sided tape
  • Stick it to your helmet

Simple right? Yet so many people dont do it... because they never think about it....

Do it now, you will thank me when it rains.

By Vy

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