Wednesday, August 26, 2015

GPS tracker for your vehicle:

Things you will need:
1.       Sim card with free data (doesn’t have to be broadband)
2.       Phone (preferable Samsung because they are rated for the best GPS locking) S3s or notes are cheap now
3.       In car charger
4.       12v timer (optional)

Step 1:
Insert the sim card into the phone and make sure you set it up to have internet access

Step 2:
Ensure the following settings are done:
1.       Silent and no vibration mode
2.       GPS always turned on
3.       Set the screen lock to pin number

Step 3:
Install the software and configure them:
1.       Where’s My Droid
a.       Follow the setup instructions and be sure to setup an account for the commander
2.       Auto Answer Software
a.       Set to enabled
b.      Answer calls from only starred (ensure you star your own number and a few trusted friends.)
c.       Delay before answer 2 seconds
d.      Force speakerphone OFF
Where’s my droid is a free tracking software that you can login to your account via the internet or via your phone. The idea is to track your phone which will be hidden in your vehicle. Its free unless you want to pay for upgrades which is cool.

Your GPS locking now is smart enough to triangulate your position via cell towers around you if there is no GPS tracking available at the time (in door or cloudy). That’s why you must ensure your internet connectivity is set up correctly.

Samsung devices (especially S3, Note 1 and up) have very fast GPS locking and lock on to more GPS satellites than other brands.

Auto answer software (this specific one and many others) are free and allow you to monitor the situation if you suspect your vehicle is stolen. This is more likely to be used if the device is in a car.

Step 4:
Locate a good place to hide your phone!
It must meet these categories:
1.       Dry place (unless you seal it in a sandwich bag)
2.       Not surrounded by metal (under a gas tank or anything like that) this dramatically reduces reception.
3.       Somewhere not obvious first place ppl will look:
a.       Car:
                                                               i.      Inside your dashboard
                                                             ii.      Under your seat
                                                            iii.      In your glove compartment
                                                           iv.      Under the hood
b.      Bike:
                                                               i.      Under your seat
                                                             ii.      Behind your headlamp
                                                            iii.      In your saddle bags

Step 5:
Wire shit up

1.       Disassemble the cigarette lighter usb charger.
2.       Extend the red and black wires as long as you need them.
3.       Connect the red to the positive terminal of your battery and the black to the negative terminal of your battery.
4.       Additional: you may connect a 12v timer if you don’t want to keep juicing your phone for no reason. Wire the timer to the battery then connect the charger to the positive and negative terminal to the timer. Suggested charge times would be 2-4 hours every 12 hour intervals.
Step 6:
Test your stuff

Sms the command to your phone and wait for the location.

Step 7:
Button everything up

 Where's My Droid

Auto Answer

Disassembled Charger

Results of Location Search

By Vy

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