Monday, August 17, 2015

Seat Pressure Sensor

 Are you sick of people sitting on your bike but refuse to get those lame super sensitive alarm systems for your bike?

Here’s a simple guide on how to make a pressure sensitive siren that only goes off if someone sits on your bike

Things needed:
1.       Automotive 5 pin relay (30 to 40 amp relay)
2.       Wire
3.       Spring
4.       Microswitch
5.       Siren
6.       Fuse
7.       Wire tape
What to do:
I will not write up on when to wrap the wire with wire tape, if you don’t know, you shouldn’t be doing this!

Step  1: Figure out stuff:
Find out the following:
1.       Where is a key activated positive (check your headlamps or meter light)
2.       Where to mount your siren discreetly.
3.       Grounding Points
4.       How to mount the pressure switch with a spring
Step 2: Hook everything up:
1.       Connect the positive lead of the siren to a fuse (30 amp)
2.       Connect the fuse lead to the positive terminal of your battery
3.       Connect the negative terminal of the siren to connector 87A on the relay
4.       Connect relay terminal 30 to the microswitch and from the microswitch to a good ground or battery negative terminal
5.       Connect the key activated positive (low amp discharge will be fine) to relay terminal 86
6.       Connect relay terminal 86 to a good ground location or negative battery terminal.

Micro Switch

Spring (an old valve spring or clutch spring)

Automotive Relay


30 = Ground

87A = Siren Negative Terminal
86 = Key activated positive
85 = negative/ground

By Vy

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