Friday, April 22, 2016

SJCam SJ4000 VS Drift Innovation HD720 Low Light Comparison

Took my fav drift 720 out for a spin to prepare for tomorrow... so i finally got some comparisons done...
  1. Low light wasn’t too great for both of them(sj4000 and drift innovations hd720P), but the drift could actually "see" more without my headlight on and just the street lamps... the SJCam failed at this one.
  2. Recording wise I found the drift has more angle of coverage but images look further... the SJCam recordings looked closer... then again... maybe it’s because the SJ sits in front of the chinbar whereas the Drift sits on the side at my ear.
  3. Headlight on, the Drifts FOV expanded greater but the SJCam had a much more crisp view
  4. Both cameras shake.. (Duh I’m riding on a lowered bike that barely has any suspension.. not to mention lack of seat cushion) but the SJCam images were slightly less shaky.
  5. Both cameras had light glare but it seems the Drifts glare was cut down a little.

I have yet to compare the day vids because I haven’t taken any recent day vids with the Drift.. and i want a controlled environment.. so that means I have to wait till next week when i work in the afternoon...

I guess the image quality difference (both were recording at 720p coz I don’t find full HD useful) would be different as the drift is a 5mp camera and the SJCam is a 12mp camera (dunno if that’s how you rate the difference

6AM ride to work no headlamps on

6AM ride to work headlamps on

By Vy

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