Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Custom Indicator Lights

 After running the wires through the frame for my indicators, I had finally figured out what I wanted to use for an indicator light. After thinking about it, I have finally decided to use car fender lights.

Here is how to do it:

Things needed:

- Fender light
- Hammer
- Pen Knife
- Flat head screwdriver.
- You may replace the screwdriver if you have any woodwork tools


1. Remove the bulb from the fender light
2. Use the pen knife and start cutting the side of the light at the joint until there is a big groove in it.
3. Put the flat head screwdriver at the corner of the fender light and lightly hammer the screwdriver in.
4. Trail the screwdriver down the side of the light until the light seperates.
5. Screw in or glue on the rubber base of the fender light on the bike. This will be the new base.

6. Wire up an LED strip onto the lead of the indicator and use acrylic silicone tape or strong clear double sided tape to tape the strip to the fender light case.

7. The rubber base has a groove in it so if you mount it correctly, it will hook on to the light that was separated and will never come off unless you remove it.

Here is the view of the indicator light... subtle and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Just the way i like it.
Decided to make the front ones out of it too. I made the bracket out of metal strip that has holes in it. (dont know what its called here) so i can adjust the angle of the light. Its held down with nuts and bolts so its easy to adjust.

Close up of the light i made for the front.

By Vy

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