Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Frame Cabling

I have been in the process of reassembling the Bad Wolf for some months now, I have been so busy tied up at my day job and spending family time I don’t really get around to doing much with it.

The other day I decided that even though I haven’t gotten the parts I needed for my bike (the rear indicator light and front indicator light), I might as well used that spare time to make things look slightly better. So, I had thought of trying a little in fame wiring. So, here’s what you need:

1. Wire (duh)
2. High Powered Drill
3. (At Least) 2 drill bits of the same size
4. Safety Wire (also known as fencing wire)
5. Wire Tape
6. WD40
7. Safety Gear (if you dont know what it looks like, dont start the project)

Before we start, I just want to explain a few things in the list.
1. Safety Gear: ALWAYS wear gloves and eye protection when dealing with things that chips metal around. If you want to be macho, then don’t wear safety sleeves, but take it from me, shit somehow goes into your eyes no matter WHAT brand of sunglasses you wear.
2. I said AT LEAST 2 drill bits because I broke 2 and the other one almost snapped too.
3. Don’t bother with the portable drills, its not good enough. Remember, you are drilling into a chassis, unless you bought it from an idiot who doesn’t know bikes, you will be drilling into some tough metal.
4. WD40. There are 2 ways to kill a drill bit. One is to break it (which will happen in this instance) two is to burn the tip. Once this happens, the bit is considered useless. Hence the WD40

(And now… the real)Guide:
1. Pick a spot. In my case, I was running the indicator leads from the middle under the seat to the rear fenders. The original position was under the fenders to a plastic part at the end of the mud guard but I tossed that out years ago. The side of my bike has 2 steel bars that look like crap but are there to hold the fenders. I removed the plastic crap that was the cover (sometimes I wonder why I did that) and there are some holes there so I can fit the indicator there. I selected a spot closest to the inside/near the seat so very little wire will be exposed.

2. Drilling: people often think that drilling means taking a drill and start poking at the spot you want. Usually (especially with a high powered drill), its not that simple. And if you think the drill bit wont break, you are so wrong. A high powered drill when moving fast wobbles. Plus the fact that you are holding it while pushing and trying to keep it straight.
Once you have found the spot you want, drill straight (90 degrees) into the frame, constantly applying pulsing pressure, spraying wd40 on it (so the bit doesn’t burn out.). every minute or so, remove the bit and check on the progress, if you feel you are reaching the end, slow down and ease up on the pressure, this is where you make or break (literally) your drill bit.
When that is done, don’t celebrate yet, you are only halfway there. Angle your drill on the hole as much as you can to the direction of where you want the wire to go and start drilling again. Again, follow the same instructions on drilling as above. This is to make your life easier when threading the wire because although the websites all say “oh all you need is to thread the safety wire or string through, tie it to the wire and pull” is bullshit. Like in my case, the space is so limited, if I get the safety wire though, and tie/tape the lead and pull, its too tight.

2. Once the drilling is done, clean up the hole and spray it with a can of paint with the same colour. (be sure to mask the rest of the area). This will stop rust from developing and causing your frame to go to shit and disintegrate when you hit a pot hole. Thread the lead through and leave a lot of access on the end where it comes out.
If you have enough room in the frame, use the safety wire as thread and keep moving all the way through. This method is good if you have very flimsy leads as stiffness helps make it easier to thread.

3. When done, use the wire tape to tape up the access wires near the hole you drill as it will chafe unprotected wires.

4. Reinstall the fender and VIOLA! All done.

NOTE: this is a very very unnoticeable mod to your bike, if you think its going to make a big difference, you will be very wrong. This is generally a mod for personal satisfaction and meant for people who like a cleaner look.

By Vy

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