Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happenings and shit

 Well, quite some time has passed and I haven’t updated much of anything.

What’s been going on is that after I had finished doing up the indicator lights, the bike was in the shop a lot trying very hard to get the carb tuned up properly. Days became weeks, weeks became months and before you knew it, I was driving around more then I was riding. It started getting annoying…

One day, I decided to gather some pictures of my bike and put it up for sale just to see what happened. A lot of people were against it, but some key people I listen to thought it was a good idea as it was becoming more of an ornament then a bike to ride on.

The same day I had many many people contacting me to view and offering to buy the bike off me. After much discussion, I had spoken to this kid who really really wanted it. Only thing I didn’t like was that the little moron was haggling like my bike was something in a flea market. After calling his bluff, the kid paid up and took the bike.

Well, haven’t seen it since… quite missed it but I guess it’s time to just let it go. Now, I'm just waiting to get my hands on another bike, but that will be another story.

Goodbye Bad Wolf

By Vy

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