Friday, November 11, 2011

Moon Shooters

In Malaysia, exhaust pipes that angle skyward are called "Tembak Bulan" exhausts, literally translated in English, that means Moon Shooting Exhausts. In general they are just like those old school shotgun exhausts you see in those 70's movies.

I initially had no intention of having these pipes look the way they do, I always wanted side exiting pipes on both sides of the bike. Unfortunately for me, that doesn't work due to the chain. So we redesigned it and made them the way they look now.

Now what you see in these pictures are actually just the beginning, the pictures were taken the day after the Bad Wolf was released from BDC and the following day, he was shipped to my good friend Anson for "Fang insertion". Generally, what we are doing now is making the seat, and making the exhaust just a tad more "interesting". Will update more when I see it. I haven’t seen my Bad Wolf for 2 months now.

By Vy

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