Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Swinging In The Right Direction:

Wasn't feeling too hot on Friday, so I took a day off from work. Just as well too as I had to run some errands and check on the bike.

Went over there with low expectations as I had been disappointed so many times by other morons. When I reached there, I saw that the guru was not in. He had gone for Friday prayers. So I went home, got some rest and came out again later. He was telling me that he didn't have time to check the wiring for me as he was bogged down with too much work. I was quite fine with that as I wanted to do it myself anyway. I checked the weld work and I must say, I was not disappointed. He did a great job! Yeah he needled me about how this wouldn't have happened if I didn't waste my time with the other monkey with a stick, but I guess it was a nagging that was coming anyway. I must say that any future modifications will definitely be going to him for difficult work. He is, after all, the best in his line.

The amazing work done by Eone

After being happy about the great work, it was time to call my friend who was supposed to help me with transporting the bike and later on with the swingarm. Several calls and smses that were not replied later, I finally got him and he had just bluntly told me to get other transports. I was quite unhappy but I sorta was expecting that. So I just sms-ed him telling him that I will do just that and will remove the swingarm and pass it to him as he had agreed. -again, no reply.

So I set on my way looking around for trucks for hire to get my bike to my house. Then it occurred to me that I had this contact before when we were moving stuff to my best friends house before. I called, and they gave me a good price.

Saturday morning arrived and the truck was due at the shop at 11am. Now, for those who are NOT from Malaysia, you need to understand that when an agreed upon time is set with any service people, expect it to be about 1 hour or more later then you agreed on (learnt this the hard way). Me on the other hand, although I know this for a fact, I tend to like to be early… no, not on time, but early. So the wife and I tried to be slow by driving like old folks and even having a slow breakfast, yet, we reached there before 11am. Hanging around for like 10 minutes, to my surprise, the truck driver actually made it by 11.10am!! it was a miracle!! So I paid the head mechanic of the shop the agreed upon amount (coz d guru was late) and proceeded to load up the bike on the truck.
On the truck all tied down

Happily, we crawled along the highway (I don't know why but the damn truck didn't wanna drive more then 70kmh on a highway) and after driving so slow it felt like we were going backwards in time, we made it to the house.

Checking the rear tyre and the look of the swingarm, I realized that the guru had not just fixed the swingarm, he improved it by grinding off a lot of access and rewelding some parts. He had also taken abit of time to lower the bike by moving the tether point of the absorbers… so there I was admiring the crossmember he made and the little chain adjusters when I got a message. It would seem my friend had taken a day to reply me with bad news and didn't bother calling. I later found out that he decided he had better things to do and he didn't bother telling me before hand. Being slightly annoyed, I packed up and left for the day thinking what else could go wrong.

It was a Sunday morning at this point and I was getting ready to go over to the house to see what I need to do to the bike. The subject of the day was "electricals". Yet I was still thinking to myself what else would go wrong. The answer: NOTHING! The wife saw I was quite unhappy about the swingarm thing coz I didn't have the tools and if I were to sand it down by hand, it would be another decade before my bike is done. As I was buying another exhaust pipe to cut up and then later at the hardware store, she told me to pick a rotary sander… her excuse: coz there will be a lot of wood work that needs to be done for the house when the bike gets moved out (that's another story for another blog btw).

Happily, I bought my sander, went to the house and sat there for half a day trying to figure out the wiring, fixing all that needs to be done and found afew fuses that needed to be replaced. I will have a major operation next week as I need to get the low tech ecu and some other things moved to a different location.

Brought back the tank to the other house so I can get the twin fuel cork done up before the weekend.

Just before I wrapped things up on Sunday I decided to test the sander. It was amazing! I had messed up the paint job on my fuel cap because I had used really crappy paint on it with no primer. And at the rate I sand things, it would have taken me forever to sand it down to bare metal. The rotary sander is so good, it removed the paint to bare metal within 5 minutes. This will be my favorite toy for awhile. Now, all I need is an air compressor and a welder…

More to come next week.

If anyone wants to build parts to mod your bike, make new frames, build a bike from scratch, please feel free to contact Ewan from E-One bikers. this is da man!
E-One Bikers
Tel: - +60126549343
Address: No 1 Blok B, IKS Kampung Pandan, Jalan Linkaran Tengah, 55100 Kg Pandan KL.

P.S. If you noticed, i never named the guy working on fixing my swingarm. Now that its done, here are the details. This is so I don't recommend the wrong place if things go bad for me. (That is unless the guy messes it up so effing badly)

By Vy

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