Monday, August 15, 2011

How to extend wires.

This is a tutorial on how to splice wires for extension purposes. This will be very useful if you wish to have a higher handlebar or maybe to relocate certain ecu's or other devices.

Fig 1: find the wire you want to extend and cut it

Fig 2: skin the wires meant for extension and also the ends of the wires you want to join.

Fig 3:Split the shrubs to 2 halves. then twisty twisty!!

Fig 4: do the same to the ends that need connecting.

Fig 5: put the 2 ends together (preferably one facing the opposite direction so it doesnt look too retarded)

Fig 6: pair up the 4 ends and twist it.

Fig 7: once done, join that two and twist those up too. the figure out which cable is harder (not all wires are made with the same stiffness.) and bend to the direction of the harder cable.

Fig 8: this is what it looks like when ur done.

Fig 9: Tape it all up nicely individually. Remember that when taping, pull the tape tight, no point having it loose coz it will slide down and cause the wires to be exposed.

Fig 10: tape the taped parts together, just so its stronger together.

Some may ask: "Why don't you just splice it the normal way any jack does it?"

Answer: That's why they're called "Jacks" (think abt it.. its short for something). But the real reason is because there are things that you can live without like a failed indicator or something. But then there are things you Can't live without. Like a non functioning ignition system when you are taking a turn at 120KMh. This holds it down strong. Even the taping is done the way it is to ensure that it doesn't rip off and cause you to crash just cause you got lazy. And believe me, I almost ripped up the wires because I didn't have the patience. If you wanna do it, then do it right.

By Vy

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