Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Place To Rest My Feet

Well, we were trying to paint the tank over the weekend but the skies had other plans for us (that's another story), so me and Unnamed_Artist (why he is called that also in the related other story) decided to take a look at my plans for my footpegs.

Now, the forward control footpegs for a standard Modenas Jaguh is a crappy short rubber thing that can fold upon impact (loved that function when I was leaning into corners skidding and sliding the rear tyre coz ur running on the sidewall.). this function is quite good as if you fall (and survive), you don't have to ride home with your leg hanging off the air (IF you still have your leg).

So anyway, im sorry I don't have a pic of the original footpeg from Modenas (should anyone want to take a pic for me and post it up, I would be greatful.), I removed the footpeg and wondered what I could do with it. I stared at it day and night for many days (although this bike was in planning, there are times I forget to plan for small stuff like these). I then decided I like the BMX pegs for stunting (being a fan of XGames). Yeah Yeah, most in Malaysia will tell you that it has been done… but they buy them cheapo short pegs.

It took me a long time to source for those pegs and finally I had gotten real BMX pegs from a pro shop in KL. These were sorta made for them XGames and stuff, so they are made of some strange aluminum material and are much longer then them normal ones you get from those dime shops here. Then my headache came. I had no idea how these pegs were installed. Later did I find out that the thing had HUGE holes to fill and if I wanted it steady I would have to fit the correct nut and bolt on. Which I did. Problem one solved. Problem 2, how do I get it on the bike: most people told me that the only way you can do this is to weld it on permanently, this meant that it will not swivel, hence the problem (not a problem if you fall and are in d hospital, but ANYWAY…). I was NOT happy with that solution and did not want to just be like the average Malaysian that will just roll with it since they thought it can't be done. After more time to bang my head over this (I had ample time… since at the time, my bike was sitting collecting dust coz someone couldn't admit they couldn't do it.), I had finally figured out what to do. Why don't we cut off the metal supporting bar, leave the swivel point and weld a nut on it so we can bolt the part on? GENIUS!

Well, that's what I thought till I brought it to the Unnamed_Artist. He looked at it, weighed it and gave me that look. It's the look you get when you realize someone's master plan is going to shit and you are the one who has to break the news to him. And so he did… he gave me that look and went "dude, its aluminum" while pointing at the swivel point. My heart stopped as I realized the nut I wanted to weld is made of cast iron. For those who didn't know, aluminum and any other metals can't be welded together. Well, you can, but if you gave it a knock, d bolt will come flying out.

We sat for awhile and came up with a NEW plan. Instead of welding the thing, we will need to thread it. And in the heavy rain, we drove to the Unnamed_Artist's machine man and got it machined to perfection (car guys don't leave things to chance. Its all done with precision).

We bolted on the pegs and the next day I hooked it onto my bike. Yummeh!!! I'm happy!!

The sliced off part minus the hole

The Side View

The HUGE peg

Installed on the bike

By Vy

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