Monday, May 11, 2015

DIY Wind Deflector

Ok I can only guide you on the basics of this because each person’s design and mounting method will be different depending on your bike and accessories you have inserted.

Recently had some roofing done to my house so I asked the guy if I could keep the polycarbonate.

Since I had some free time and was tired of wind buffeting, I thought why not? I have nothing to lose…

Things you will need:
1.       Drill
2.       Grinder/hand saw
3.       Heat Gun
4.       At least 2 layers of cloth gloves
5.       Vice if you have one.
6.       Ruler/Sharpie
7.       G clamp aka table clamp

1.       Cut out the size of the PC that you are gonna need
2.       Get a ruler and sharpie and mark the centre
3.       Clamp the flat piece of pc to the edge of the table so one half of the pc is hanging off the table.
4.       Set the heat gun at high.
5.       Heat up just the middle of the PC halfway up. You will see it slightly flex then stop.
6.       Once done, remove the pc from the clamp (make sure your gloves are on)
7.       Heat up the half you heated up earlier.. this time make sure the entire bottom half is heated up. (you will see it “dancing” a little.. that means its soft enough)
8.       Once it is soft enough, gently flex the bottom half and hold it down.
9.       Do it over and over again until its to your preference.

From here, figure out how to mount it… make sure you can pivot the deflector so you can adjust it to fit you.

PS. Its ok for the air to hit your helmet.. the aim is to stop the air hitting your chest.

By Vy

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