Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Basic toolkit

This is just a simple tip to share with you the things I carry on Pestilence all the time. I am gathering up more but for now this is what I have.

The thing about me is that I don’t really ride far. This is because of my work. However, in my travels to work and back, life throws me a few curveballs too. Ever since I have had her, I have been forming Pestilence to fit the way I want to ride and fit the way I do things. This includes corner carving and long haul roads as well. (I don’t exactly work nearby).

Many things have come and gone from my bike and many things I have are also for security reasons. I have a few torx screws holding down my carb to ensure that it doesn’t get stolen. This I hide somewhere on my bike away from my general tool kit.

Anyway, here is the list of things on my bike right now:
1.       Foldable scissors
2.       A small roll of duct tape. Small but enough to secure a human being.
3.       Plastic bags (several different sizes.)
4.       Ziploc sandwich bags
5.       Nylon rope (for towing or tying up the asshole who tried to steal your bike
6.       Bungee cords
7.       Screwdriver with multiple attachments (2 different phillips head, 1 flat head, one allen key head and a size 13 box )
8.       A bent box wrench (modified for torqueing)
9.       Custom Security Torx wrench.
10.   Large L wrench attachment
11.   Size 19 longbox (for the sparkplugs)
12.   Spare sparkplug
13.   Pliers (these actually came from my old BMW)
14.   Electrical tape
15.   Cable Ties

By Vy

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