Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In Helmet Speakers

Could never bothered with those Bluetooth helmet kits because here, a good set (to fit one helmet) costs an arm and a leg. Being cheap… I would never spend a grand on those.
For the longest time, I had settled with just sticking earphones in my ear connected to a Bluetooth hands free kit.
Results: they sucked! As you wear the helmet, the ear piece with somehow move around and you generally can’t hear anything. Even worse… I got into an accident with that setup before and it hurt my ear quite badly.
I had then moved on to those “hang on the ears” speakers.
Results: they ALSO sucked… those hurt my ears and because they were bulky, they pressed on my ears so long distance riding sucked.

Since the speakers I got were those cheapo ones (with no bass whatsoever), I thought I might as well try something. IN HELMET SPEAKERS!

Here are the things ur gonna need:
1.       Cheap speakers (5 bucks from Daiso)
2.       Tiny flat head screwdriver
3.       Super glue
4.       Double sided tape
5.       Helmet
6.       Hands (if you don’t have any u shouldn’t be riding anyway)

1.       Bluetooth Headset
2.       Speaker cable extensions (get this if you don’t want to plug it into your BT headset so u can trail the cable down to your phone)

How to get it done:
Step 1: Remove speakers from the package (would be hard to work with if you didn’t…….)

Step 2: Remove sponge buffer (that spongy thing that makes it feel nice when the speakers are on ur ear) but don’t throw it away.

Step 3: Using the flathead screwdriver, pry (or break) the retaining clips

Step 4: Pull out the assembly (here, the speaker, front and back will be separated)

Step 5: Toss out the back part of the speaker

Step 6: Pull the cable of the speaker through the hole

Step 7: Loop the cable around the speaker

Step 8: Pull the cord so it makes a knot (this will reduce the possibility of the flimsy wire connected to the speaker from breaking)

Step 9: Wrap the sponge around the front half of the speaker

Step 10: Put a small drop of superglue on one or 2 sides of the speaker to seal the front half and the speaker together.

Step 11: Yank out the spacer sponge on the back of the speaker

Step 12: Install super strong double sided tape

Step 13: Test your speakers!

Step 14: Remove the lining for your helmet and start hiding your wires leaving the connector hanging on one side

Step 15: Measure the position of your ear in your helmet and stick the speakers at the approximate location.

Step 16: Enjoy your tunes!

 Connector Cable When Stored

BT Headset Connected

By Vy

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