Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throttle modifications

This guide is a throttle mod. for those of you who feel that its stupid to have to pull your throttle so far for get WOT. although i did not get it to my desired position (was still quite long), it sure as hell works.

here is what you need
1. a throttle (duh)
2. tissue paper
3. scissors or a wire cutter (no harm having both)
4. epoxy (please dont use cheap stuff like the 2 dollar super glue... if the throttle sticks ur fucked)
5. a sharpie
6. cable tie.
note: remove your throttle before hand and measure the thickness of the area the throttle cable sits. this way, you know how thick a cable tie you need to get. dont guess, measure coz i wasted money buying a useless pack.

TIP: thicker is better than thinner. thicker you can cut.

step1: clean the throttle of oil. make sure there isnt a drop on it.. if the there is, and the glue doesnt stick, the throttle jams ur fucked... (im gonna be saying that alot)

step 2: mark 2 things.
1. where your full throttle is right now

2. where you want it to be (roughly.. it wont be accurate)

step 3: use a sharpie and mark the earlier mentioned areas

step 4: measure how much cable tie length you need and cut a rough estimate. you can always shorten it later.

step 5: ensure that you snip off the tail of it as it is too thin and is inconsistent

step 6: cut another one about 1/3 the length of the one you measured.

step 7: (the step i didnt do) cut another piece 1/3 the length of step 6. this gives it a more significant cam angle

step 8: roll the cable tie around a pen or something, this will help with it fitting the circumference of the throttle.

step 9: mix up a small batch of epoxy (not too much, not too little)

step 10: let the epoxy sit for 1 minute (no more than 2) this will make it sticky and less runny

step 11: (the hard part) place the epoxy on the 3 pieces of cable tie. ensure the epoxy is on the smooth side because the rough one should face up to help with holding the cable. the cable tie WILL fight back so dont worry if it is not straight or if it is messy.

step 12: hold it down with a thinner cable tie. then adjust the plastic pieces to sit on the marked area. (make sure the highest point of the taper is just slightly after the point you marked on the throttle (where you want the WOT to be)

step 13: let it sit for at least 3 hours ( most epoxy brands claims that they dry in 1 hour and cure in 24. but you have 3 layers to dry.)

step 14: cut the smaller cable tie to check if the glue sticks. if the edges still come off, epoxy them and cable tie them down ensuring that they stick. then wait again.

here is what it should look like. mine doesnt taper as much as i didnt put the 3rd layer.

Stuff Needed: 
scissors and cutter
cable tie
thicker cable tie

By Vy

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