Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pestilence is back

About 3 weeks ago, I had received my bike back after alot of arguing and pestering.

By paying cash, I had expected my bike to be completed long before my wrist healed. Unfortunately, the guy took forever to get my bike done and never took priority in repairing it.

In the end, he did a pretty crappy job out of it. I had loose  riser threads, a loose footpeg thread and now several other little things.

Also, my footpegs did not have stirrups like my old ones. Upon asking the mechanic, he said he couldn’t find them, so I decided to take my old ones back and restored them.

I’m glad that I got my bike back, but it seems there are so much issues with it right now…

I also realise that he used a dot3 brake oil and instead of a dot4 brake oil and that the issue with my front disk brakes has become worse from the crash.

Anyway, here are some pictures just to update on how Pestilence looks like now.

my custom weld in gas cap. its for sale btw. for now only available in malaysia

Pestilence ready to be ridden home... but there are so much issues after

completed stirrups

i welded the plates up.

installed on the bike

By Vy

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