Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Matador Drag Bars

Been awhile since I have updated much about my bike… if you have seen the pictures, you will notice that I am using a beach baumer handlebar (one of 2 of the handles given to me). Now, seeing how accessories are expensive here in Malaysia, I had to think of something… was thinking of trading my ape hangers for something else but nothing I liked was around for trade. So I found a pair of risers from my regular shop and decided to try out the welders skills… he cut my apes and made a simple little cut and paste with a twist. We powdercoated it and tried it out…

What I feel so far:
-          I'm stretched forward so my spine absorbs bumps and holes much better. Now, some of you may not feel it, but I do because of my spinal issues. I had the theory that it helped because I used to ride a rigid with a bad spine. Seems I was right.
-          Able to take corners much better now. It is more stable when leaning in.
-          Stable on the straights.
-          I don't feel like flying off while riding fast. Feels great.
-          Only bad point: Sucks at U turns.



 My Mechanic Removing The Handles

 Naked Bars

 The Powdercoat Guy Said He Has All Colors, As Long As Its Black

A Closeup of the Dragbars With A Twist



By Vy

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