Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Engine Polishing / Diamond Cut

These are what you need:
- small sand paper applicator/ sand paper on a stick
- 150 grit sand paper.
- 100 grit sand paper
- sander if you have one.

- use the sander or your hand to sand the block with 150 grit sand paper. if you are using a sander, just roughly do it then use your hand for the parts you missed
- (obviously) only sand the outside of the fins
- use a stick or sand paper applicator to get those hard to reach places.
- sand in an orbital motion to make it very nice and shiny.
- once the paint is stripped, use the 100 grit (or 80 if you want a rougher look) and sand in ONE direction only.
- be very careful when doing this to avoid any accidental sanding of parts you dont want sanded.
- wash your bike after... viola

 Sandpaper Applicator

                               Before                                                                        After


By Vy

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