Wednesday, February 9, 2011


First up, sorry for the lack of posts, if anyone is even reading this.

In case you guys are not aware, it's a long holiday for us Chinks (Chinese peeps) in Malaysia due to the Chinese New Year celebrations and I have been away where internet connectivity is a rare sighting (not really.. just for my parents).

Have too many things to do since I have come back to the big city so I cant get my brain up and running to blog about my bike much yet. So I just wanted to make this post quite simple and thank those who have contributed in their own way to making this bike (almost) happen (its not done yet.. and we're cutting it close).

The Shirtless dude is my pops dats d only pic i have of him

First up, I would like to thank my pops. If it weren’t for your fondness is modifying things, I would not have even started anything like this. Although you didn't do much in cars and bikes, the basics of paint, power tool control and sitting there loaning me all your stuff was kinda cool.

My lil wife REALLY lil

Next up, my wife. For whom without, I would never be anything or anyone if it weren’t for you. And still, you find the time to indulge me in my DAMN expensive hobbies. Sometimes I don't know if I should ask WHY THE HECK DO U?? but today I just wanna say thanx babe.

Mr B, lookin like some triad dude but he has a heart of butter

Another great thank you would be from Mr B from Bees Knees Bobber. A great friend of mine whom I met by wanting to buy his car at first. In the end we became very close friends. A man who is very deep when he speak or thinks, a man who has few words and hates online chats, he's a very good buddy of mine. We have so much in common it scares me, but he has always been there to listen to me bitch about how I'm unhappy about the world. Thank you lots dude.

My Main Man Ray

There is also Ray and his brother whom had taken the time to listen to my mad ideas about the bike when the whole world didn't want to listen and tried to make me build what I didn't want. It was Ray and his brother who could see where I was heading and could picture the whole bike even before they saw it. If it weren’t for these two blokes, the bike would still be rotting in the bike park where my condo is right now.

Anson, being.. well.. anson..

Anson!! My friend from the car accessory part of my life. A very talented young man whom I met a few years back when I was looking to buy an amp for my car. He has a great still with a soldering iron and circuits. This young man will be the one who has been assigned to create my custom tail lamps, supplying all the lighting for my car AND setting up my barbecue kit for my bike… (yes.. I said barbecue kit)

Aliffffffff.... couldn't link his FB account. not sure why

Alip/Aliff. My skilled mechanic whose garage my bike is in right now. doing choppers as a side job and teaming up with Ray as "Hand Made Garage" Alip had shown mixed feelings when we had provided him with the task of building my weird bike. Although he is busy with his day job, he still somehow finds time to tinker with several bikes at a time. Alip is the hands of this operation and it is with him where this project flies or fails.

Remus. My Artwork dude. any stickers i have, i now go to him only!

Remus of Motorsports Playground. I first met Remus after talking him for some time. I had seen his branding everywhere when I go to car events all around Kuala Lumpur and found out that he owned the "Playground" a great concept where he does stickers, car simulators and is knee deep in anything motorsports related. He has a great personality and though constantly busy, he still finds time to be polite and helpful. My masking is currently being done by him and his crew.

So there it is, generally all the major players in the bike build. I will try to crack my brain to update more on what had happened previously and try to make it before the unveiling of the bike (hopefully on time).

By Vy

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