Monday, March 12, 2012

Bzzzttt bzzttt

Well, ever since the Bad Wolf came out, BDC had been closed down to make way for my new home. its been some time now and we have happily moved in and are slowly settling down.

BUT, by no means does this mean that BDC will no longer be making bikes. In reality, far from it.

I have barely been riding the Bad Wolf and already im getting all sorts of ideas.. before I can even begin chopping the Bad Wolf again, we are in the process of planning and saving up for a new yet to be named bike. This time, it will be bigger and badder then ever. And in more ways then one.

The capacity will be much larger and the frame too. However, the design will be a true chopper. No fancy stuff like flamer kits and undercarriage lights. It will only have all the essentials the bike will need like headlamps, tail lamps, horn and indicator.

Anyway, lately I had taken a part time job at a friends place to learn basic welding techniques and wiring as well. Although he is using a MIG, still I am sure i can learn a thing or two.

Last weekend, the LadyBoss had agreed to get an ARC welder so I can do my own welding. before this, we were looking around and wondering what welder to buy and if I should even bother getting one.

We ended up deciding on an ARC welder because then I wouldn't have to buy the inert gas (which isnt easy to find). We were down to 2 types of ARC welders, the AC and Inverter types.
Here is what I found out:

Inverter Type (DC)
- easy to move around if you have to move all over the place
- very light

- very expensive
- heats up very quickly
- not good for long term welding (like for big projects)

AC Arc Welder (oil cooled)
- oil cooled for long usage
- able to use AC and DC rods
- quite cheap

- Heavy as hell and not easy to move around
- Your're screwed if it leaks.

After talking to Eelman, Joe and afew other friends, I had decided to go for the AC ARC welder. just bought it but I haven't had the time to test it out yet. I was too busy making a skateboard for it so I can move it around. Plus, I bought a longer cable so I can get to tight spots easier.

By Vy

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