Monday, July 25, 2011

Enter the metalworks:

After my little stint with the small-timers, I kinda felt quite alone and down for some time. Not having a place I could call my own, and being solo wasn't much fun. Due to one idiot, I lost afew friends along the way, but that's okay. In a way, that made things more fun for me. Met a guy who introduced me to a crew who, well, lets just say walk the talk and take things much easier compared to others.

It was here that I was introduced to the big boys! Great bikes, all large CC bikes with loads of customs. They range from kit bikes to chops, rats, garage made etc. they come from afew different crews but collectively they are called Geng Jahat, or in English, the Naughty Gang. Despite their name, they are very nice people and they never discriminate. This quite large crew of friends are lead by a close friend and my all time guru for taking a chill pill Eelman or Belut as he is popularly known.

It was here I was first introduced to Wak Jep aka Jep Zali. They were telling me he was a metal worker and did great jobs in metal forming for bikes. When they showed me the detailing he did for the bikes I could not have believed that the things he made was not from the factory. I must say he has very amazing handiwork.

Although Jep was very good at metalworks, he is practically good at wiring and most things motorcycle related as I noticed his place is Belut's favourite hangout.

According to Jep, his love for metal forming was always there but he took the plunge into it as work at about the time he started riding. He had told me he started biking in the year 1999. Although I constantly see great work produced by him, he always reminds me that he had learnt it from his teacher; the owner of Hamdan Customs. Although I haven’t been there, I hear they do very creative custom works as well and when it comes to exhaust pipes, he is one of the best.

Here you will see several different pictures but the one that I love the most is the fuel tank he had created for Belut. in my opinion, although its not a teardrop or peanut tank (which I hate a lot), it is quite an impressive tank. (Do take note that I like huge fuel tanks and believe that the bigger the tank, the cooler the bike) Jep uses an old, not so common method of making fuel tanks. And to me, it is this effort and "out of the box" way of thinking that makes this unique.

The tank all tacked up

The tank all prepped for paint

The tank sitting nicely on the Lycan

A chain cover Jep made for his own bike looks like the HD drive cover

The completed product

Contact Details:

Wak Jep Customs (WJC)


Hamdan Customs:



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