Monday, June 27, 2011


As you can see for the past few months I have not been posting. Unfortunately I had reached a snag in my way. Since we had found out that the swingarm was crooked, I wasn't in the best of moods. So, I decided to try to fix my fuel tank because of the leak. I had been spending a lot of time discussing on ways to improve it as well. After much discussion, it required a little bit of grinding to make sure the fuel cork sits flush. After figuring that out, I had then planned to do it myself since I was provided a rotary tool from my best friend Shane.

Just before I had began my work on the tank and also spoke to a guy who could fix my swingarm, I was quite stressed out about it… so the wife decided it was time to take my mind of the bike and I got my entire arm tattooed. This sorta removed 2-3 weeks out of my work time, but at least I had time to spend tending to my tattoos and kids (dogs) instead of having to ponder over things I could do nothing about (fucking swingarm).

Last week, I had taken about half a day just removing the swingarm (it was pretty tight) and brought it over to a master chopper builder (which I should have done earlier). This guy is the king of kings when it comes to choppers. He is what they locally call the OCC of Malaysia. We were sitting at his shop staring at the damn swingarm wondering what we were going to do with the stupid thing coz there was a half baked job of trying install a chain tensioner.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention about that too… the general issue with the swingarm is that it is crooked, misaligned, instead of being straight the ends are widened like some fuckers wife who can't keep her legs closed and there were not chain tensioners although the holes were made. The first strings of issues had a solution 10 seconds after I showed this guy the picture of the bike… apparently, there was no crossmember to strengthen the rear of the arm since it was already much longer. This will align the arms and fix the widened end. As for the crookedness, abit of heating, hitting and swearing will do the job.

Back to the chain tensioner. After us staring at the botched extensions, we found that the guy who designed it was quite smart. It was meant to be a hidden internal chain tensioner that would be covered up. However, apparently, to cover up his lack of interest in working, the welder had welded it backwards and didn't check his work. So, now with some cash in hand and a real pro, we will be fixing it. The question is: why don't you just cut it out and reweld it? Well, because we had already mounted the rear disk brake servo on it and it would be a waste of lotsa time and more money.

So last week, I went back there, took the rest of the things out, fixed the fuel tank and mounted that up. I had found that the front disk brakes were damaged and I will probably have to replace the disk… I wonder why…


By Vy

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