Monday, May 2, 2011


Finally, yesterday I had a chance to visit my bike (after 3 weeks of leaving it with a leaky fuel tank). The mission yesterday was get my stuff to the Chop Shop, Jack up the bike and asses the problems and maybe figure out the solutions.

After some errands I had to run in the earlier part of the day, I had gone to a meeting point to wait for my friend who was gonna help me out. Big ups to Shinjite for the help. While waiting, I realized that I had come all the way over and forgot the keys to the chopshop. So, Shinjite bought his lunch and we rolled all the way back to my house again to pick up the keys.

After reaching the chop shop, we found that some monkey decided to use the shops front door as his personal parking space. None the less, we did the polite thing and parked ass up in front of his car. We unloaded the stuff, said hi to the neighboring shop owner and started setting up. Once we got everything in the shop, we had started to scratch our heads on what we had to do. First off, please do not that we are generally normal everyday dudes and precision tools are not cheap in Malaysia, so don't give me shit about using jack stands…. The Malaysian way (or should I say Malaysian rim stealers way) of jacking up a car/bike for long periods of time would be to use bricks. Good thing a great pal (Chooi Leang) had helped me acquire some quite awhile back. Shinjite and I started jacking up the bike with a car jack in the middle and placed bricks on it. After putting the bricks on one side, we realized the exhaust was in the way, so we removed that. Viola!! All jacked up.

We started removing the rear absorbers because we wanted the swingarm to move about freely while we assessed the problem with the misaligned wheel. It looked like a scrambler. Upon staring at the back, we realized that the right side of the swingarm was not straight and that it was jutting out more at an angle. While removing the tyre, we also realized that the left swingarm was moving in and out as we were hammering the shaft out. We will definitely have to do something about that. Missing some tools, I could not remove the swingarm so that will have to be done another time when I get the right wrench size.

So far, we had assessed only the back part of the bike and there are more things to check and figure out. Hopefully I will be able to work on the bike at least once a week. Update you all soon.

By Vy


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