Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The comeback

I had been putting this website on hold for sometime, generally, the reason was because I was having some issues with the people I was working with. The thing is, my bike is something I love a lot. It has been with me for many a year and has brought me a lot of joy when I just needed to hit the road and make a run for it. So far, it has been some time since I saw it, because, like I said, the people I was working with were not so agreeable on what can and can't be done. Lots of “yes I can” then “in fact I can't” had occurred. I shall delve in that later. As the time went on, I realized that I was sinking into a deep depression due to many factors in life, and this played a pretty big role. On top of my bike being half baked, I had loads of other issues on hand. I had half a mind to take it out of the place where it was moved to (the competent people), pour some gas on it and set it ablaze for all the heartache this ordeal had put me through.

But after long talks with a lot of people and some new friends who had been there to help give a shoulder to cry on, I had decided to continue on and let the mechanic do what he needed to. Then, the rest is up to me.

Unfortunately, a lot of things (good and bad) are taking up a lot of my weekends now, seeing how, unlike some people, I have a day job (then again you can call it a night job since I work afternoon to nights). I don’t have time to pretend like I know what’s happening and a lot of my life right now is used to patch up the holes I had left when I was in such depression and also to straighten out my life. It will take some time, but my life comes first, my riding days can wait for awhile.

I had finally gotten the call from the bike shop telling me his part is done and the bike should start. We brought it back home on a Friday night, with no headlights, no tail lights, a misaligned rear tyre, a front tyre that is not bolted on (the tyre shaft isn't long enough) and just some existing blue ground works that showed people that I was actually there. The road home didn’t help too as it was a dark road with few or no lights.

Reaching home, I had realized that there was a very heavy smell of fuel. Upon checking, I had found that the fuel cork on the tank was leaking very badly. And this was where the fuel cork was screwed in (with a full tank of gas). To make matters worse, the fuel was leaking and dripping on a hot cylinder head and exactly into the port where the sparkplug was sitting. As it dripped, it sizzled. I was then being very thankful I didn’t blow up on the way home, I quickly removed the tank and went on to drain as much fuel as I could so the tank can sit 45 degrees on its side so the fuel didn’t leak from the cork nor the gas cap. As of now, it is still sitting on the sink.

Anyway, this is the start of me telling all who are out there that I, Vyraz will be on two wheels very soon. And the Mad Chop Shop will be up and running documenting everything I will be doing as much as I can. You may have pissed on my flame, but I am back. Though the process will be slower than I expected, but I will finish my work and I will ride again. Although it will be awhile because I want to spend time with my family instead of hiding away all the time.

And as before, I will be sharing what has been done, where it has been done and how long it took. So that others with a need to want to try this out can get a rough idea on how to do it.


My wife: for being there always, though I was down all the time, you never stopped supporting me and encouraging me to continue this.

Ron: for constantly supporting me in whatever choices I made.

Shin: for having sore ears listening to me whine

EelMan: for your words of wisdom and guidance on what should be done. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. You didn’t even know me then, yet you were supportive, especially when I kept SMSing you with the same thing over and over again (I'm soooooo sorry abt that!!)

Shane: for being my wingman in all of this, giving me backup if I ever needed any.

GJ (Notti Gang): for taking me in as one of you and not judging me even when you first met me.

(i almost forgot this very important guy) Nathan: without you being my left hand the other day (ironic seeing how it was cracked and u used ur right hand... -_-"") i wouldnt have saved as much of my things as i did. thank you for helping me so much.

If I missed anyone out, please just email me, I will add you all in.

Eelman told me once before, sometimes, things happen for a reason, its sometimes a blessing in disguise. Now things are clearing up, I am starting to see it. If I didn’t have these stupid issues occur to me, I would never have seen who some people really are and I would never have met such nice people too.


P.S. what happened with my bike will be posted later on. Long and windy story

By Vy

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